Fall Scrubs: Fall into Fantastic Scrubwear

Fall Scrubs: Fall into Fantastic Scrubwear

Summer is finally coming to an end, and fall is right around the corner! It’s time to gear up in our Blue Sky scrubs and find fall colors that will help us celebrate the season! Here we’ll describe our scrubs, what makes them so different, and highlight a few fall colors we believe you’ll fall in love with.

Classic Shelby Scrubs for Women

Shelby scrubs are modern and sleek, perfect for your line of work. They fit with an hourglass shape and feature the softest fabrics we could find! They’re available in dozens of colors which contrast with beautiful white designer stitching. Find your favorite pair today!

David Scrubs for Men

These scrubs were made with a relaxed fit and crisp design! The chest fits relaxed while the scrub top tapers inward toward the waist, allowing for a perfectly comfortable fit. Available in professional colors like Jet Black, Navy Blue, and Slate Grey, you’re bound to find the perfect scrub set for you!

Step into Style with Fall Scrub Colors

Try on a pair of Shelby scrubs in this beautiful Eggplant- a deep purple color that is bound to look spooky when paired with a Halloween-themed scrub cap! Or if you’re more into solids, try a Jet Black or Burnt Orange cap!

Another great color for the fall season is Olive Green- and it also looks great with a Halloweeny scrub cap! This color turns your medical scrubs into a statement piece. Patients will love the color, and coworkers too!

Show off your spooky style in Sienna, our last fall color of choice. This brown color will remind you of falling leaves and cooling weather. You’ll love it, paired with a festive cap, or an pair of bright nursing shoes!

And there you have it, friends. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about our collection and delving into fall colors. Log on today and find your perfect pair of scrubs!