Fall Fashion Trend: Spooky Shades for Scrubs

Fall Fashion Trend: Spooky Shades for Scrubs

Gone are the days of plain white scrubs, with dull, solid white caps… and thank goodness for that. This season, we’re scrubbing into new trends for our medical uniforms, and we’re here to discuss upcoming trends for fall. So gather around, and light those jack-o-lanterns! We’ve got some spooky shades for scrubs this season. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your current wardrobe or you need a new one altogether, it’s a great time to find a beautiful set of  fall scrubs.

Color Schemes

If you prefer solids over patterns, or if you like a bit of both, check out our beautiful selection of color schemes at Blue Sky Co. Try a burnt orange to give off an obvious Halloweeny vibe, or a contrast of deep purple and lavender, or black and orange!

Alternatively, consider sporting an undershirt to contrast with the rest of your scrub attire. You can match one with both solid scrub tops and patterned scrubs.

Patterned Scrubs & Scrub Hats

There are many patterns available for medical scrubs and scrub hats that reflect the sentiment of the season. From spooky goblins, ghosts and ghouls, to cutesy pumpkins and silly kittens, you’re sure to find something that will make you smile (and your patients, too!).

Patterned and themed scrubs and scrubs may bring joy to your patients and coworkers! They also give you the chance to express your personal style, favorite holidays, or beloved cartoon characters! At Blue Sky Co., our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub hats are made perfectly for many hair styles, and they look beautiful in an array of different shades and patterns.

At Blue Sky Co, we strive to bring you the most comfortable, high-quality scrubs around. We want you to feel luxurious in your work uniform, and look professional and sleek while you perform. Visit our website today to view our spooky collections of trendy, fashionable scrubs and scrub hats.