Fading Scrub Colors? Here's What To Do

Fading Scrub Colors? Here's What To Do

We love it when our medical scrubs are brand spankin’ new and the colors are still as vibrant as ever. But of course, nothing new lasts forever! Over time, our scrubs begin to fade… it’s unavoidable. But what we can do is slow down the process! Let’s go over a few guidelines for keeping your scrubs from fading too quickly!

Start with a Pair of High Quality Scrubs

It helps to start off on the right foot. That’s why we recommend starting with a pair of high quality scrubs! After all, as the saying goes… you get what you pay for.

Give Your Scrubs a Pre Wash

When you first purchase a set of new scrubs, pre-wash them with nothing but 1/2C of white vinegar, and the water set to its highest setting. This will help the colors set in, and the vinegar helps to properly sanitize your scrubs!

Only Wear Your Scrubs at Work

If you only wear your scrubs at work and not around the house, or out in public, then not only will you cut down on the amount of wear and tear your scrubs receive, but you’ll also preserve their colors and fabrics.

Resist Using Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners are known to cause fabric to fade, and therefore we should resist using them when we wash our medical uniforms. If you really can’t go without, try fluffing your scrubs in the dryer for 10 minutes after they’ve been line dried.

Line Dry Your Scrubs

Hanging up a clothesline is no longer an old practice. Since using the dryer can cause your fabrics to wear down and fade, line drying your scrubs is what’s best for them!

Of course, when we talk about quality scrubs, we’re definitely talking about Blue Sky scrubs. Their colors are meant to last you through many washes! So don a pair of Blue Sky scrubs and fall in love with their vibrant colors, and their luxurious fit!