Exploring Blue Sky Scrubs Variety

Whether you’re sporting our Classic scrubs or are looking for something more like  our Technical scrubs, you’ll be wearing only the finest fabrics. Here at Blue Sky Co., our medical scrubs are designed to be flexible, breathable, comfortable, and lovable! We believe when medical professionals are truly comfortable in their clothes, they’ll perform their job better and be happier while doing it. Below, we’ve detailed the benefits of our fabrics and where you can find them:

Classic Shelby Scrubs

Our Classic Shelby scrubs take us all the way back to our roots! After we created our first scrub cap, we moved on to scrubs, and Shelby scrubs were definitely around for that. These scrubs are revolutionary in the way the fit, the colors they’re available in, and how durable they are- they’ll last you a long time! Enjoy the flawless, unshrinkable fabric blend of cotton and polyester that these scrubs have to offer.

Technical Pants for Men

Paired perfectly with our Ajax Technical top, the Gibson Technical scrub pants are made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex, making them our most comfortable (and stretchy) scrubs yet. More than comfortable, though, you’ll be stylish! In addition to stylish fabrics, they’re also super lightweight and breathable (especially for scrubs) and are just asking you for take them for a test run! And the pants have plenty of pocket space, with two front pockets and two back pockets. What more could we want out of our medical attire?

Other Finds and Accessories

Don’t forget, we never just stop at scrubs! So log online today to check out our full collection of medical scrubs and scrub accessories. Accessories, like scrub caps for men, are the perfect way to revamp your work wardrobe. We have plenty of solids and patterns to choose from so that you can find your favorite scrub cap!