Experience the Exquisite Design of Blue Sky Lab Coats

Experience the Exquisite Design of Blue Sky Lab Coats

When you work in the medical field, your lab coat is your signature item. It’s what says “I belong here, I know precisely what I’m doing.” Your lab coat should fit your well. You should look professional, clean, put together, and ready for a hard day’s work. But you could also use some style when it comes to your coat, right? That’s where Blue Sky Co. comes into the picture. Our lab coats are made from the softest, most luxurious fabrics around the world, and will fit you exquisitely. Let us show you how!

Bradford Twill Lab Coat

This lab coat, in its clean and pristine state, is the utmost example of modern, revolutionary design. The Bradford Twill lab coat from Blue Sky Co. is tailored to help you look professional, with its European inspired white collar, and protection technology which aims to repel spills and stains.

What’s better? This coat features three pockets- two utility pockets toward the bottom of the coat, and one chest pocket. That should give you plenty of space to carry all of the items you need throughout your shift.

Preston Twill Lab Coat

Next, we have our Preston Twill lab coat. Just like the Bradford coat, you can count on looking sleek and stylish while wearing this masterpiece. Its tailored silhouette will have your coworkers jealous and asking where on earth you’ve ordered your coat from!

This coat is unimaginably soft, made of the finest fabrics around. You’ll have the same three pockets as the Bradford coat: two on the bottom, one on your chest, and this lovely lab coat may be washed in a cold, gentle cycle, and tumble-dried on a low setting.

At Blue Sky Co. we strive to create medical attire that will not only satisfy our customers 100%, but will also last, impress, and aid during daily duties. Experience our exquisite design by logging on today and viewing our collection of scrubs, lab coats, and more!