Everything You Need to Know About Blue Sky Co. Scrub Fabrics

Everything You Need to Know About Blue Sky Co. Scrub Fabrics

Working in the medical industry requires comfortable, flexible, well-fitting scrubs made from the finest fabrics. Blue Sky Co. was created with this and you in mind; that’s why we use medical-grade fabrics with countless benefits. Today, we wanted to dive a little deeper on those benefits for you, so you can really get to know our scrubwear, here at Blue Sky Co. From scrub tops and bottoms to caps and other accessories, we’ve got it all right here.

Made From the Finest Fabrics

Our scrubs are made from the finest fabrics around the world! They’re luxuriously soft and comfortable; you may even find yourself wearing them outside of work (sh, we won’t tell). With several collections, we’ve designed scrubwear both flexible and professional, taking on a new term; medleisure.

Protection Technology

Some of our scrubs or scrub attire have Protection Technology that repels and releases stains. This makes your scrubs all that much easier to care for. You’ll spend less time treating stains, and your scrubs will look and feel cleaner as you wear them!

Odor-Resistant Technology

And lastly, in addition to the before mentioned perks, our scrubs also have odor-resistant technology. This means your scrubs will finally stay fresh all shift long. You’ll feel the difference, too. Enjoy fresh-feeling scrubs that blow your mind when it comes to luxury and professionalism!

So you see, our scrubs have many perks to them, making them superior among the rest on the market. A considerable amount of thought goes into making our scrubs; we only want the best for the medical professionals out there. So suit up and enjoy your workday, sporting Blue Sky scrubs!