Dressing for Hot and Cold Weather With Blue Sky Scrubs

As the season changes, so does the temperature, and your outfits will have to change too. When you shop at Blue Sky Co. you’ll be able to prepare for any climate, all in one place. If it’s in the middle of summer and hot outside or you’re dressing to go to the gym and work up a sweat, Blue Sky has you covered. If it’s freezing cold outside or just in the building you work in, Blue Sky has you covered. Let’s talk about the best ways to prepare yourself for these temperature changes.

Going Light for Warm Weather

For both men and women, we have a wide selection of lighter scrubwear that works great for beating the heat or for athletic activities. For men, we suggest trying out our Ajax Technical Scrub Top and Gibson Technical Scrub Pants. They’re designed to pair perfectly together, and when you put them on you’ll feel right away that they’re super comfy and lightweight! The whole outfit is also stretchy and won’t restrict your movement at all, just put them on and get active!

For women, we also have several options for lightweight athletic wear that’s both stylish and functional. Try out the Emerson Technical Top or Riley Technical Pants, but if those don’t suit you there are a bunch more options that are also stretchy, comfy and light enough for hot weather.

Bundling Up

When it comes to picking scrubwear to stay warm, it’s probably even easier than preparing for the heat! First, put on a comfy baselayer to go under your scrubs. For men, the Hampton Cotton Polo is a good choice. For women, the Tyler Hooded LS Tee will definitely help keep you warm. Then on top of your baselayer and your scrub, we have a wide selection of super comfy jackets for both women and men to choose from!