Dress To Perfection With Casual Scrub Tees and Professional Lab Coats

Here at Blue Sky Scrubs we may be known for our scrubs, but we also have everything else a medical professional would need to create the perfect scrubs outfit. That’s why we also have lab coats for a professional look, and a wide variety of base layers, including new vintage graphic tees, for a casual look, or just a comfy layer under your scrubs! Let’s look at all of our options to figure out which one will help enhance your scrub outfit.

Casual Graphic Tees

We want our valued medical professionals to be comfortable at all times, which is why we make soft base layers to wear underneath your scrubs, like long sleeve shirts and polos, but now we’ve got comfortable, casual graphic tees too! And we have several different designs so be sure to browse around and find what you like. If you’re looking for a super-comfy long sleeved tee there’s the Love Life Vintage Baseball tee, which has a small graphic design on the chest that looks great with the white tee and gorgeous navy blue sleeves. Or you could try out the fantastic Radiate Positivity Vintage Tee, which has a super stylish graphic design depicting a beautiful sunrise that says “radiate positivity”.

Professional Lab Coats

Now that you’ve heard all about our graphic tees, let’s take a look at our professional, stylish lab coats. What makes these lab coats special is that they’re made with powerful protection technology that repels and releases all stains, keeping your outfit looking fresh, clean and professional all day long. Our amazing Bradford and Preston lab coats both make use of this technology, and they look great! They also give you extra pocket space and an added layer for warmth if you work in a particularly chilly hospital.

To check out all of our professional lab coats and gorgeous, stylish vintage graphic tees, just visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website today.