Don't Stress Over Stained Scrubs

Have you ever spent a bit too much on a dress, only to spill wine on its precious fabric sometime during the evening? We’ve all been there- especially in the medical industry. Our scrubs are stained on the daily, and if our facility doesn’t launder them for us, it’s up to us to remove these nasty spills from our uniforms. Today we’ll review a few common techniques for  stain removal for your scrubs that will keep you scrubs looking as clean and professional as ever.

Ink Stains

Don’t we all carry pens inside our scrub pockets? Occasionally (and as unfortunately as ever) our pens explode, soaking our pockets and  scrub tops and bottoms with ink. It may sound silly, but we hear that hairspray does wonders for ink stains! Before washing and drying your scrubs, spray the stain with hairspray and scrub gently with an old toothbrush. Then wait- if the stain persists, repeat this process.

Grease Stains

We’re on the go- constantly. This means that during the short periods of time we have to eat, we eat quickly, and sometimes, things get sloppy! If you’ve ever spilled grease onto your clothing you know that it stains quickly and permanently, if you don’t what to do. Liquid blue Dawn soap is notorious not just for saving oily wildlife, but also for removing grease stains from clothing. Doesn’t that make perfect sense?

Don’t forget- for other food stains (ketchup, mustard, etc), rubbing a little toothpaste on the stain will help.

Blood Stains

You didn’t think we wouldn’t cover it, did you? If the blood is fresh, immediately soak the scrub top or bottom in cold water, and wash with a mix of ammonia and water. If the blood has dried, however- don’t fret, we have a solution still. Remove the loosely attached portions of dried blood with water, rub with bar soap, and then rub the fabric together. Repeat this process until the stain lightens!