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Working in the medical field, you spend every day in medical scrubs, every waking hour on the clock, so it’s no wonder why uncomfortable scrubs can make your mood a bit uncomfy as well. As the saying goes… “You get what you pay for,” so is the case with medical scrubs. Why settle for a uniform that’s only going to drive you crazy throughout those long, stressful shifts? At Blue Sky Co., our uniforms are still affordable, but made to help you feel more at ease, comfortable, and also look sleek and professional. All at the same time. Here’s how we do it:

Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Scrubs at Blue Sky Co.

Our scrubs are made to be convenient for you. So naturally, they’re wrinkle and fade-resistant, saving you time with the hot iron, and increasing their lifespan. You can wear them through many a shift and not worry about having to retire them any time soon!

Scrubs Made from the World’s Finest Fabrics

Blue Sky scrubs are made of 65% polyester, and 35% cotton. As stated in our product descriptions, they will not shrink! This is an important factor when ordering online; you can be certain upon receiving them, when you try them on, that’s the fit you’re going to find. A flawless, professional, award-winning fit (and you won’t want to take them off!).

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Our Shelby and David scrubs are something to be desired! Shelby scrubs are available in a variety of colors, some absolutely perfect for springtime! Customers can find David and Sullivan scrubs in professional colors such as Ceil Blue, Navy Blue, Slate Grey, and Jet Black. Explore our wide collection of scrubs, lab coats, vests and jackets, and even scrub caps and lanyards all online! We’re positive that you’ll love what you find.