Does Your Hospital Need Disposable Scrubs?

When you’re purchasing scrubs for your hospital, there are a few things to consider. Do you need a new pair or two, or are you shopping for the entire hospital? While we’re extremely proud of our long-lasting scrubs made in delightful patterns and colors, we know that there are many instances where you just need something disposable.

So, what’s the deal with disposable scrubs? Is it time for your hospital to put in a new order? Here are our top 3 reasons why disposable scrubs are beneficial to both individuals and hospitals.

Clean and Healthy

For some individuals, buying disposable scrubs might be a requirement for their department. Whether it’s due to surgery, germs, or just a health code, you’re required to wear a new pair every day.

On the flip side, as a hospital, providing disposable scrubs for each of your departments can drastically decrease the amount of germs going around. When outside visitors come to see their loved ones, disposable scrubs are a great way to protect themselves and others from any unwanted germs they may bring in.


Not only do disposable scrubs decrease germs, but they make it easy, too! Once it’s time for that visitor to leave, they can simply change from the disposable scrubs and toss ‘em away -- no cleanup necessary and no chance that those germs are spreading to anyone outside of the hospital either.

Bulk Purchasing

The only thing easier than having scrubs to throw away for cleanup (instead of washing and drying) is being able to purchase those scrubs in bulk! Talk about a never-ending supply… They’re perfect for hospitals and individuals.

So, whether you’re purchasing for your hospital or yourself, the next time you go to order medical clothes consider those disposable scrubs on our website!