Does the Color of Your Scrubs Affect Your Patients?

You may be surprised, but the color of your scrubs does affect your patients. In fact, this is actually one of the reasons some hospitals have begun enforcing color codes for their scrubs, depending on the specific patients doctors and nurses care for. But you may be wondering, how does the color affect your patients and - more importantly - which colors have what effects?

When a staff member is outfitted in color-coded scrubs, patients are able to recognize that staff member’s corresponding department. From there, the patient knows how the staff member could help them. Ultimately, this helps create a stronger sense of safety and security among patients.

Let’s review different colors and their effects on others’ perceptions!

Green Scrubs

The color green promotes tranquility, wisdom, and most importantly (in this type of setting),wellbeing.Easy on the eyes, then color green is known to be uplifting and stress reducing. This is an obvious asset in any medical setting.

Pink Scrubs

Pink is known to give off feelings of calmness, compassion, and affection. Pink is often associated with professionals who tend to children, infants, or new mothers.

Black Scrubs

Black sends signals of confidence, strength, and authority. This is the color of leadership.

Blue Scrubs

Blue is calm and generous, but also professional and trustworthy. This is many hospitals’ chosen color for nurses, who are involved in patients’ daily lives.

Red Scrubs

The color red is attractive. It is powerful, passionate, and demanding of attention. This color speaks with urgency.

Yellow Scrubs

Yellow is bright, optimistic, and intelligent. It is also often associated with children, as it gives off cheerful vibes. This positive, energizing color can help dispel feelings of anxiety or nervousness.

Depending on your needs in the medical industry, you can incorporate these ideas into your uniform choices to promote a more welcoming environment. Your patients, visitors, and staff members will be undoubtedly be grateful!