Does It Matter What Shoes You Wear To a Medical Workplace?

When you go into work at a hospital, doctors office, or other medical workplace, there are lots of things you need to think about when preparing for your day. You need your scrubs of course, your mask, maybe a coat or jacket, your lunch for the day etc., but have you ever thought about the importance of what kind of shoes you’re wearing? Something as simple as having the wrong size shoe can, believe it or not, lead to horrible leg pain, foot pain and back pain. Today on the Blue Sky blog, we want to help you find the right nursing shoe by giving you some helpful advice about what to look for.

Find a Comfortable Shoe

When you start looking for shoes to wear to work, your first priority shouldn’t be how flashy it looks or whether it matches your outfit just right. First you should find a size and style of shoe that fits comfortably. Like we said above, picking the right shoe can be the difference between comfort and debilitating pain. So when you’re picking out your shoes, take as much time as you need to walk around in them and make sure that they feel just right. If there’s any amount of discomfort or pain when you try them on, try again with another pair. You might be thinking they’ll get more comfortable the longer you wear them, but that’s not always the case.

Find a Shoe With Grip

Working in a medical facility, you’ll probably have to move quickly, and you need to keep that in mind when shopping for shoes. You’ll want to find a nursing shoe with the right traction and grip to keep you from slipping while you walk. When you first try them on, pay attention to how much traction the shoes have.

Find One That Suits Your Style

Since you’ve spent your time finding a shoe that’s comfortable and has good grip, now you can worry about appearance! Pick out a pair of shoes that you’ll love to see yourself in every day. Maybe you should even pick a pair of shoes that matches your favorite Blue Sky scrubs! To view our entire collection and find the perfect scrubs or accessories for your new outfit, just visit the Blue Sky website.