Do Your Scrubs Have Enough Pocket Space? Visit-

At Blue Sky Co., we understand that you have a lot of gadgets and gizmos you need to keep on your person throughout your shift! A cell phone, a pager, notebook, stethoscope, maybe even a Kindle or Nook? Maybe a box of tissues. That’s a lot! Your scrubs should have adequate pocket space to hold everything, and you know what? Blue Sky scrubs do. They have all of the pocket space and more, because you can customize your scrubs to have more pockets just in case you need them!

Customizeable Scrubs = More Pockets!

At Blue Sky Co., we offer our customers the option to customize their scrubs until their specific needs are met. This means altering anything from inseam length, to style (slim, or classic), to the placement of pockets on your scrubs. Just visit our customization page and discover a whole new level of great customer service!

Pockets on Blue Sky Scrubs

On our scrub tops, you’ll find one utility pocket on the chest, beautifully accented with white designer stitching (this stitching is, of course, optional). Shelby and David scrub pants have two utility pockets and fit relaxed, keeping you comfortable all day long, with plenty of room to hold your personal items.

Dive into Refreshing Scrubwear

If you’ve grown tired of ill-fitting scrubs, dive into our collection of flawlessly-fitting, gorgeous scrubwear! Our scrubs are the perfect blend of soft, cozy fabrics (65% polyester and 35% cotton), meaning they’re so soft to the touch that you’ll want to wear them home from work (please don’t do that without washing them first, though!). Our medical uniforms won’t shrink, and are wrinkle and fade-resistant. We want them to last you a long time! So log on today to explore our collection!