Do You Need Disposable Scrub Caps?

For over a decade now, Blue Sky Co. has been committed to providing consumers in the medical profession with quality scrubwear. This goes beyond scrubs, lab coats, and jackets, all the way to disposable scrub caps. You probably hear a lot about medical scrubs in general, but maybe not so much about disposable caps and their benefits. Let’s dive in.

What Are Disposable Scrub Caps?

Simply put, disposable scrub caps are the throw-away-version of the scrub cap that you’ve grown to know and love. They’ll always be around in hospitals and medical facilities simply because of the sheer amount of germs and bacteria. If you’re a pro, you likely have your own personalized cap, but there will always be a need for disposable caps for visitors and patients.

When and Where are Disposable Caps Useful?

Like we mentioned before, disposable caps are extremely useful for visitors and patients. They help to keep germs and contaminants away from sterile environments by securely holding hair in place.

Disposable Caps from Blue Sky Co.

The disposable scrub caps you find at Blue Sky Co. are so similar to their parent caps, like the Pony and Pixie, that you may not want to throw them away! But alas, it must be done. They’re only meant to last for a use or two and then it’s time for a replacement, or a permanent cap. You can find plenty of permanent caps at Blue Sky Co., as well; it’s kind of how all of this got started!

If you need to place an order of disposable caps, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Blue Sky Co.! We’re always available to help you out, especially if you’re placing a bulk or group order. Just log online to our website, view our wonderful collection of caps, and place your order today!