Do You Make Disposable Scrubs?

For over ten years, Blue Sky Co. has been committed to providing comfortable, quality, and stylish scrubs for men and women in the medical profession, including scrub caps and disposable scrub caps.

Blue Sky’s Disposable Scrub Caps

Our disposable scrub caps are made in the same modern, stylish designs as our fabric version, the Pony Scrub Cap for longer hair and the Pixie Scrub Cap for shorter hair—a great alternative to the usual bouffant shower-cap style! They are made out of lightweight non-woven polypropylene, which is a hypoallergenic material that does not include latex. You might not have the heart to throw it away after a single use!

When To Go Disposable

A scrub cap is super practical—it prevents hair and sweat from contaminating patients, especially in the operating room. Hair in particular captures more contaminants than other parts of the body, such as hands, since it cannot be easily washed throughout the work day. A scrub cap also helps the surgeon have a clear line of sight over her or his assistants’ heads.

As a barrier to pathogens, single-use disposable scrubs are consistently more effective. Textile scrubs lose effectiveness as a barrier over time. This means that it is good practice to consider disposable scrubs in situations where sterility is of utmost importance. Otherwise, wash your regular scrubs after each wear, and buy new scrubs to replace older, worn scrubs that may no longer be protecting you and your patients as well as when they were new.

One box of our disposable scrub caps includes 25 Pony or Pixie Scrub Caps. One case includes 24 boxes, or 600 scrub hats total. Contact us if you would like to make a large order! You can reach us at 888.302.5837 or