Do You Know About Our Shelby Scrubs?

If you’ve yet to have the pleasure of wearing our luxurious Shelby scrubs, you’re certainly missing out! These are the most stylish, colorful, and durable scrubs on the market, and we’d love to show them off to you. Let us begin by highlighting their best features, and showing off a few of our favorite colors!

Classic Shelby Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.: Just For You

These classic scrubs were made just for you! They’re made from the softest, finest fabrics you’ve ever found in medical scrubs. They’re tailored with an hourglass shape and are perfectly accented with our white designer stitching. Simply beautiful!

What’s more? Not only are they fashionable, but they’re also durable. Shelby scrubs are made to last you many a shift! They’re also wrinkle and fade-resistant, and they won’t shrink. Those fine fabrics we mentioned are 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They have side slits at the hip to increase mobility and comfort, and are customizable- so you can tailor them to fit you perfectly.

Favorite Shades of Shelby Scrubs

Caribbean is a color we just can’t leave out. It’ll have you dreaming of a vacation- as if you don’t already do that! Whoops! In all seriousness, this shade is a beautiful, deep blue-green that’ll have your co workers taking double glances!

If you’re looking to step outside the box (of the traditional blues and blacks), Crimson Wine is a great way to go. This deep red shade really stands out amongst a sea of blues. You’ll look stunning sporting this color; that’s why it’s one of our favorites!

French Lilac is a soft lavender shade that’s sure to bring comfort to your patients. It’s not as bold as Crimson Wine or Caribbean, but that can definitely be a good thing!

Check out our Classic scrubs on our website today; you’re bound to love them! We have a full line of blue sky accessories too.