Do You Have Enough Pocket Space in Your Scrubs?

Do you ever find yourself at work, needing just a little bit more pocket space? At Blue Sky Co., we completely understand. You need adequate space for your personal things, and you need it now! So, quickly, here are a few ways you can add a little bit of pocket space to your medical wardrobe (that is of course, if you’re not wearing the Cargo scrubs, which have tons of pockets).

Add a Layer or Two

Layering your scrubs is a perfect way to add in some pocket space! Try on a Blue Sky vest, or a jacket! Fall is on its way and you’ll need something to keep you warm on those walks into and out of work. Not to mention, your very work environment may be a tad chilly, and this could be the perfect solution!

Throw on a Lab Coat

Blue Sky Co. carries two amazing lab coats: the Bradford and the Preston. Each coat was perfectly tailored to suit your needs, and as a plus, they provide you with extra pocket space for your personal items! That’s always a good thing, right?

Go With the Cargo Scrubs

Of course, Blue Sky Co. does carry a label of scrubs that are perfectly suited for this. Our new Cargo scrubs have a total of 13 pockets! Isn’t that amazing? You can easily carry all of your personal items with you, like your cellphone, jewelry, wallet, keys, etc! With that much pocket space, you’ll be ready to take on whatever comes your way that day!

Blue Sky Co. carries a wide variety of scrubwear that is sure to suit your fancy! Just log online to our website today, peruse around, and find the perfect set of scrubs for you! Trust us, you’ll love what you find, and you’ll love what you purchase.