Do Stretch Scrubs Have Enough Pockets?

Are you looking for a set of scrubs with plenty of pocket space? Well, look no further! Our Classic Shelby scrubs have an abundance of space to hold your personal items, and we have ideas to add pockets to your wardrobe, too! Read on further, and fall in love with our Shelby scrubs and accessories!

Shelby Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

An outfit of Shelby scrubs has four pockets total: two lower utility pockets, one chest pocket, and one secret pocket on the inside. That’s plenty of space for your personal belongings, and precious items like rings and jewelry can be securely stored in that secret pocket.

Adding Pockets: Lab Coats, Vests, and Jackets

Layering is our best idea when it comes to adding pockets to your work wardrobe! Our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats will provide you with three pockets: one chest pocket, and two lower utility pockets. That’s a good deal of pocket space!

If you’re looking to stay a bit warmer, purchase a softshell jacket or vest from Blue Sky Co. Not only are they amazingly soft and comfy, but they also give you even more pocket space! For example, our Kensington vest has three pockets as well: two lower pockets and one inner security pocket.

Blue Sky Co. has several different types of jackets, but all are equally as soft and comfortable. Our Chessington jacket has three pockets, one placed uniquely on the bicep. The other two pockets are lower utility pockets. This is a stunning jacket that’s wind and water-resistant, so you can stay warm and dry on your way into work!

Don’t forget to log onto our website today and find the perfect pair of scrubs for work! They’re comfortable, yet durable; they’re luxurious, yet professional. All around, these scrubs are the best on the market, and we think you’ll agree!