Do Colored Scrubs Affect Patients?

Before colored scrubs came along, medical professionals wore bland, boring white drapes and gowns. Thankfully those days are over, and we can dress in vibrant patterns and colors that make our days more cheerful! But here’s a thought: colored and patterned scrubs can also have an impact on our patients and coworkers! They can cheer them up, help to relax them so that a bond is formed easier, and so much more.

Are you wondering how to harness this effect? Let’s look at different colors and discuss what they stand for!


Black scrubs look sleek and professional. They give off a sense of authority and leadership. Fill your patients with confidence with this color.

Red Scrubs

Red is a vibrant, powerful color. It’s bright enough to signify urgency, but also care and love. Your patients may appreciate the confident vibe that this color emits.


Depending on the shade, blue scrubs can be calming and trustworthy. It’s a common color among personnel in hospital hallways; it’s pretty standard. But this is a good thing, as it helps patients feel like they’re in good hands.


Green is common among dress codes for its sense of tranquility and kindness. Jade green in particular is calming and signifies wellbeing.


Of course, yellow is bright and beautiful, and easily cheers up our patients (and coworkers). If your dress code allows it, embrace these shades for the benefit of your patients!


Purple and lavender are calming colors, signifying strength and trust. Children may appreciate these colored scrubs, or patients with high anxiety. Lavender has a soothing effect.


Often associated with the pediatrics department, pink is a soothing, calming color. If you’re working with children, choose different shades of pink, purple, and light green!