Diversifying Medical Scrubs

There are a multitude of ways to diversify medical scrubs - and a multitude of reasons, too. Being able to choose from a variety of options allows you to feel comfortable throughout your shift, but can also affect your patients, too. In some cases, you may have to follow a certain color code for your hospital - but that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have choices. From the way your medical clothes fit to their color, design, and customization - Blue Sky Scrubs has an incredibly diverse line of scrubs - and we want to help you. A Custom Fit When it comes to medical clothing, one size does not fit all - well, in a comfortable way at least. With Blue Sky Scrubs, you can choose from a wide array of collections to find what fits you best - or, we can even design scrubs just for you. A Diverse Look From solid colors to designs to your favorite patterns - diversifying the look of your scrubs (whether it’s the overall tone or even something as small as the stitching) can really help you to feel more comfortable and of course, fashionable, in the workplace. The Importance of Diversifying Your Scrubs Not only is it fun to dress up your look and change your outfit everyday for work, but did you know it can actually affect your patients, too?

Most people know that colors can change moods or portray how you’re feeling - it’s actually the same for patients and medical clothing. When you walk into a room wearing grey scrubs, it could say more about you than you plan on saying to your patient. But, when you change it up with different patterns, brighter colors, or even warm tones, you’re telling an entirely different story to your patients.

Stay tuned for a blog later on this month detailing the colors of scrubs and their appeal depending on profession!