Diversify Your Wardrobe with These Scrub Colors

It’s fall, a new season! It’s time for a change. How about a change in your work wardrobe? Are you growing tired of the same prints and colors, or in need of newer, more vibrant scrubs? Blue Sky Co. has the freshest, most modern scrubwear around, and we’d like to introduce you to a few of our stunning shades of scrubs!

Chloe Jade

Try on our Shelby scrubs in this beautiful shade of Chloe Jade. This cheerful lime green scrub set is uniquely accented with our white designer stitching. Calming and gorgeous, you’ll love these scrubs!


Our beautiful scrubs are also available in Eggplant, a deep purple shade that gives off a soothing and empathetic vibe. These Shelby scrubs are tailored with an hourglass shape, and look wonderful with a matching lanyard or earrings!

French Lilac

French Lilac is one of our favorite solids; we believe this shade helps to soothe your worried patients. A perfect lavender, you’re bound to look great sporting this shade of scrubs.

Ceil Blue

Ceil Blue matches just about any shade of blue, whether it be dark or light! Daydream about bright, vibrant, blue skies in this set of scrubs, as they truly do look like a clear blue sky.

Crimson Wine

Crimson Wine is a deep maroon color that looks stunning with a matching scrub cap! Our white designer stitching looks fabulous against this warm, inviting color.

Blue Sky Co. is known for its revolutionary scrub wear: scrubs that are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them after work! And of course, these few colors barely scratch the surface when it comes to what we offer in our collection. So log online today to our website, and view all the rest! Happy shopping!