Disposable Scrubs are for Everyone

So what’s all this fuss about disposable scrubs? Well, the main benefit of disposable scrubs is that they function just like regular scrubs, but can be thrown away! Disposable scrubs are made of lightweight, fluid-resistant material, and are visibly not meant to be reused. They’re for everyone! We’re going to visit the topic of disposable scrubs, and then brag a bit about our new line of Technical scrubs!

One Size Fits All

One size fits all. This makes disposable scrubs very easy to use! This certainly helps patients feel more comfortable when having to use them. It’s much better in contrast to the oversized, revealing white gown that patients are typically given to wear. Wouldn’t you rather wear scrubs than an oversized gown? Us, too! And- just like regular scrubs, disposable scrubs can be ordered in bulk! Talk about convenient!

Disposable Scrub Caps

Aside from disposable scrubs, there are also disposable scrub caps. In fact, Blue Sky Co. carries a collection of disposable scrub caps that are so much like their parent caps, you might feel tempted to reuse them! They’re made of soft, lightweight material that you’ll find just as comfortable as their parent caps.

Athletic-Inspired Scrubwear

Introducing our newest addition to our collection of scrubwear: Technical scrubs! These scrubs are the perfect blend of activewear and scrubwear! They’re soft, flexible, and so comfortable you may just want to wear them after work. Hey, we won’t stop you!

If you haven’t already, you must visit Blue Sky Co.’s website and check out our amazing collection of medical attire! There’s plenty to see other than disposable caps and technical scrubs! You’ll find classic-fitting scrubs, as well as scrubs with a petite fit! The whole idea is to have scrubwear that’s perfect for everyone, even if that means customizing the scrubs (which, yes, we can do!).