Disposable Scrubs 101: Pros and Cons

Ah, disposable scrubs, how we love them! What are disposable scrubs, might you ask? Well, simply, they look just like regular scrubs, but they’re meant to be thrown away after use. They’re made of lightweight, fluid-resistant material, and are available in varying sizes to better suit patients. But they’re visibly not meant to be worn multiple times!

Now that we have a good grasp on what disposable scrubs are, let’s delve into their pros and cons! What’s so great about them? Which aspect could we do without? We’ll start with the cons (just to get them over with, you know).


You Have to Throw Them Out

That’s right; the only con that we can come up with is that you must throw out disposable scrubs. Yes, that may be what they’re for, but they can be so useful sometimes!


They’re Available in Many Sizes

In order to better outfit patients, disposable scrubs are available in many different sizes! This makes them easy and comfortable to wear. You can also order them in bulk, making the process even more easy!

They’re Relatively Comfortable for Patients

We believe disposable scrubs help patients feel more comfortable! They’re definitely preferred over the all-too-revealing white gown that is traditionally given to patients at the hospital. Hopefully these scrubs help patients feel more at ease.

They Don’t Require Laundering!

These scrubs don’t require any laundering! It’s quite simple: you just throw them away. This makes them out to be very convenient!

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