Disposable Scrub Caps: Why You Need Them

Here at Blue Sky Co., we carry a wide variety of medical attire, including scrub caps! But something that you may not have known is that we also carry disposable scrub caps. Now, you may think that you don’t need these caps in your collection. But let us tell you exactly why you need these cpas.

They Fit Like Their Parent Caps

Perhaps the very best thing about Blue Sky’s disposable scrub caps is that they fit so similarly to their parent caps, the Pony and Pixie! If you love the way these caps fit, then you’re already at least halfway in love! The Pony disposable scrub cap securely holds back your hair in a ponytail; the Pixie cap suits shorter hair styles best and will keep everything out of the way while you work!

They’re Soft and Comfortable

You may find that these scrub caps are so comfortable that you don’t want to throw them away! And we totally get it. See if you can reuse them, but we highly suggest tossing them for sanitary purposes. Just like with a regular scrub cap… you would launder it right away! You’ll love the fit and feel of these disposable caps. We know we do!

They Can Be Bought in Bulk

Finally, Blue Sky Co.’s disposable scrub caps can be bought in bulk. This is highly important if you’re ordering for a hospital or other medical facility. Each individual box of scrub caps holds 25 caps. Each case holds 24 boxes, making it 600 caps! Raise the quantity a bit and you can easily outfit an entire hospital.

If you’d like to get your hands on these caps, go ahead and log online to our website today and view them here! We also encourage you to look around and see what else you may find! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite scrub cap