Disposable Scrub Caps From Blue Sky Co.

Let’s talk Blue Sky Co. scrub caps for a moment. We have men’s caps, of course. And for the ladies, we have the Poppy scrub cap, which is our most versatile cap as it supports all hairstyles. We also have the Pony scrub cap, which is best for long hair. And the Pixie scrub cap, which is perfect for shorter hairstyles! We also carry other surgical caps and hats

We try to be as accommodating as we can. But sometimes you need a scrub cap that’s impermanent. You need a disposable cap. Maybe you’re in a pinch, maybe you’ve lost your cap, perhaps they’re all being laundered. Disposable caps at Blue Sky Co. are designed so closely to their parent caps that you won’t want to get rid of them at first! Let’s discuss disposable caps and their benefits.

They’re, Well… Disposable

You can just throw them away after you’ve used them! It’s amazingly convenient, really. You don’t have to worry about laundering them, keeping up with them, or finding one that fits perfectly. You don’t have to bother with choosing a design, as they’re all the same (we know that options can be overwhelming sometimes). Disposable caps are simple. They’re easy.

They Hold Up

Disposable caps definitely do their job. They help keep the environment sterile and free of nasty germs and bacteria! They also secure your hair back while you’re doing what you do best: helping people. Don’t doubt the strength of disposable caps; just because you can toss them out, doesn’t mean that they can’t hold their own!

Disposable Caps from Blue Sky Co.

If you’re interested in purchasing disposable scrub caps, you can find them here. Like we said, they’re made so closely to their parent caps that you might not have the heart to throw them away. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

For disposable caps and more, visit our website today.