Decorate Wardrobe with Styles of Scrubs

Are you ready to try something new? Ready to wear something different into work? Here at Blue Sky Co., we understand that sometimes all we need is a change: a different environment, a different schedule, and sometimes that change can be as simple as a diverse wardrobe or even just a new scrub set to get us in the right mood for work again. We’ll highlight a couple of scrub sets we talk about less often, and then show you how you can accessorize your outfit to help things feel more refreshing!

Sullivan Scrubs for Men

Sullivan scrubs were made to fit slimmer than other types of scrubs we offer, which could be perfect for you. These scrubs provide a contemporary look to your wardrobe, and a sleek look to your outfit! Sullivan scrub tops are made with a premium lightweight cotton and polyester blend to keep you comfortable all shift long.

Sullivan scrub pants introduce a straight leg to your wardrobe. With a classic, traditional feel, these pants feature a drawstring waist with a bright, white tie. They too are made with an incredibly soft cotton-polyester blend, and will not shrink.

Grey Label Scrubs for Women

Grey Label scrubs for women are also designed with a slim fit, and european cut. The pants are designed to be petite, and feature a white drawstring just like our Sullivan scrubs for men.The fabric is light and breathable to keep you comfortable, and of course these scrubs are a great, modern addition to your wardrobe!

Accessorizing Scrubs

Consider accessorizing your scrub sets with either a new scrub cap (Poppy, Pixie, or Pony?) or a brand new, bright, clinical-white lab coat that fits flawlessly. Blue Sky Co. also carries the perfect jackets and vests if you’re feeling chilly at work. Whichever accessory you choose, you’re bound to love it! We have the best scrubs sales but you have to check our site often.