Creative Uses For Your Old Scrubs

If you’ve just purchased some brand new super-comfy Blue Sky scrubs, you probably don’t need to take those old scrubs to work with you anymore! But we’ve come up with a few creative solutions to put those old scrubs to good use instead of just throwing them out. Let’s dive right in.

Giving Your Pet a Bath

Often times when people bathe their dogs, cats or other pets, they tend to be pretty messy and splash water, soap and dirt all over their owners. So next time you want to give your pets a bath, why not throw on one of those pairs of old scrubs to keep the splashes off of your other clothes.

Cleaning The House

When it’s time to do another deep clean of your home, don’t put your good clothes on the line. Especially if you’re working with bleach or other chemicals that could leave stains, use your old scrubs and you won’t have to worry!

Mowing The Lawn

When you mow your lawn, you probably end up with grass stains all over your pants, and those can be impossible to get out. If you don’t mind getting those annoying grass stains on your old scrubs, why not throw them on before you head out?


If you’re outside gardening, keep that dirt and soil off of your good clothes by throwing on some old scrubs. And if they’re Blue Sky scrubs, we know they’re going to be comfortable and breathable enough to go outside with.

Washing Your Car

Another great use for your old scrubs! Don’t let your nice clothing get covered in water, soap and grease from your car, wear those retired scrubs instead!

We don’t just offer advice on what to do with your old scrubs, we’re here to introduce you to your brand new, super-comfortable, stylish scrubs too! To see our whole collection of scrubwear and accessories, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.