Covering Every Fit with Medical Scrubs

Many of us have at some point in time, felt overwhelmed by the task (more like, chore) of shopping. Whether replacing our entire wardrobe, or purchasing an outfit for a specific occasion, sizing is so inconsistent that it can feel as if the clothing industry is “out to get us.”

Customizing Your Scrubs

Is it some kind of cosmic joke or conspiracy? Nah, most likely not. But it is frustrating. That’s why Blue Sky Co. provides the hassle-free option of customizing medical scrubs! We believe comfortable, well-fitting uniforms help professionals feel more confident and productive.

Our customization options include collection, color, and size, but those are givens, of course. Customization can become essential when you need a more petite inseam length, or the opposite. Toggle between petite, regular, and tall until you’ve found your happy medium! You may also choose between “shelby,” or “simple,” stitching (referring to the stitching around scrub pockets), or add additional pockets!

Modern Medical Attire from Blue Sky Co.

Our scrubs are sophisticated, soft, and available in trendy colors such as tangerine, or aquamarine! Shelby scrubs, designed for every woman, are tailored with an hourglass shape, while these Simple scrub tops are created with an A-line silhouette. But of course, any scrub order can be customized until it’s perfect for you!

Blue Sky’s David scrubs are handcrafted with breathable, lightweight fabric to keep you cool during long work hours. Not only are they wrinkle and fade-resistant, but they will not shrink! If cared for properly, these scrubs should last you quite some time. So go ahead and stock up!

Upgrade your wardrobe today with a pair of handcrafted, long-lasting, fashionable medical scrubs. And remember, Blue Sky Co. is here to help you find exactly what you need in a uniform: just visit our customization page.