Considerations When Buying Scrubs For Nurses

Considerations When Buying Scrubs For Nurses

Scrubs have become an essential part of personal protective equipment for nurses and medical professionals. While some hospitals have a standard uniform, others may allow nursing staff to choose their scrubs.

At first glance, scrubs appear to be a basic top and pants; however, scrubs come with various features, styles, patterns, and colors. As a nurse, there are many essential factors to consider when choosing your scrubs to ensure you are happy with comfort, function, and style.

Factors To Consider

Factor #1. Cost

Quality is important, and so is finding scrubs that fit your budget. Consider buying scrubs of the best quality you can as you will find that higher quality scrubs last longer, hold up better to washing, and maintain their color longer. The majority of brands have sales or promotions which is an excellent way to save a little extra money.

Factor #2. Trendy or Basic Style

Depending on the hospital or clinic uniform regulations, you may have a lot of flexibility when choosing your nursing scrubs. Pick the style of scrub you are most comfortable wearing, whether it is the more simple look or scrubs that follow the fashion trend adding your personality and style to your professional attire. As a nurse, being comfortable in your scrubs is crucial as you work long shifts and spend copious amounts of time in this attire.

Factor #3. Best Neckline For Your Comfortability

There are several choices when choosing the neckline cut of your scrubs.

  • V-neck
  • Mock wrap
  • Round neck
  • U-shape
  • Scoop neck
  • Split neck
  • Squareneck

Pick the one most comfortable for you as long as your employer is okay with the different styles.

Factor #4. Yes Or No To The Chest Pocket

Chest pockets can either come in handy or cause distress, depending on your preference. You can put helpful things such as a pen or penlight in your pocket, making it easy to find and accessible.

Chest pockets can become troublesome if it causes distress to your shoulders or neck or if your stuff is constantly falling out when you bend down. Choose what works best for you and is the most practical choice based on your circumstances.

Factor #5. Pockets Vs. No Pockets

Pockets can help carry necessary things such as medical instruments, or cell phone. Other items such as an extra pair of gloves, alcohol pads, or a pair of scissors can also be great to have on hand and kept easily accessible.

As a healthcare worker, you will find that having pockets for things you will need is necessary or possibly annoying. If you find that having something in your pockets feels more like clutter and are constantly fumbling through your pockets then these may not be a good choice.

If choosing pockets, make sure the pants and tops have a good amount of space and the placement works for you and your body type.

Factor #6. Color, pattern, or white design

Healthcare professionals generally choose white lab coats and womens scrubs for how they look, but white scrubs will show stains very quickly, and it can be challenging to keep them looking clean and fresh.

Depending on where you work, they may require you to wear a specific color of scrubs. Make sure to check with your employer before purchasing scrubs to make sure you are choosing the correct ones.

Some medical facilities allow the nurses to choose their own with no specifications allowing for personalized choices for scrubs. Remember that darker colors hide stains much better than lighter shades. You can personalize your look with colorful printed scrub hats or compression socks, adding a unique flair to your nursing attire.

Choosing scrubs with a pattern is an option if the facility you work at allows it and can be a great way to personalize your nursing scrubs. When you wear a patterned top, consider wearing solid scrub bottoms to help mellow out the print of the scrub top.

Factor #7. Length Of Top - Long Or Short

Your height and shape will influence you when choosing between a long or a short top. A longer top will better suit your body frame if you are taller. Shorter people should consider a shorter top as the longer tops will fit disproportionately; however, you may consider a longer top if you are a shorter plus size.

Factor #8. Loose Or Fit?

Comfort is essential, and scrubs are designed to be loose-fitting but not too baggy. Try on several brands to find the best fit for you. Scrubs that fit correctly will be more comfortable and help you feel more confident. Making adjustments or alterations may also be an option sometimes. There is a balance between baggy scrubs that are too baggy, making movement difficult, or so tight that they will split, causing embarrassment and the need for a change in the middle of your nursing shift.

Factor #9. Slits On The Sides Of The Top

Some scrub tops have slits or vents, which can improve comfort and help to keep you cooler. A shorter scrub top with slits may expose your waist, so choosing a longer top may be best. Side slits will help make it easier to access pockets in the front or back of your scrub pants and are a good choice if you need to access your pockets often.

Factor #10. Buttons Or Drawstrings

Choosing scrubs with buttons or drawstrings can help when you need to adjust the fit to your body shape and size. It is essential that the pants fit correctly and not slide down on your hip, exposing your undergarments because this looks unprofessional and can be embarrassing for patients and staff.

With so many options, you can see why choosing scrubs that suit your needs and personality is vital.

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