Completing Your Scrub Outfit

Even with such a wide variety of styles and patterns available, scrubs can still become mundane over time. You might be feeling the urge to accessorize more often, or to change something up. With scrubs, it seems like your options are limited… But that’s not true! There are many things you can do to compliment your scrubs and complete your outfit. Here’s how:

Jewelry & Lanyards

Nothing says style like a beautiful set of jewelry, or a personalized lanyard to hold your keys and name tag. Lanyards are available in several different colors and designs, plus you can find pens to clip on for decoration.

Scrub Hats

Blue Sky Co. carries many different styles of scrub hats, including our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony hat. Our caps are made in many solid colors like blue, green, or pink. You can also choose from a ton of patterns, which your patients will adore. Flowers, polka dots, pin stripes, holiday-themed… we have it all.

Our Pink Ribbon Collection is out now for breast cancer awareness month. Show your support this October by choosing a scrub cap or set of scrubs decorated with pink ribbons and uplifting phrases.

What to Wear Underneath

You can also mix up your work uniform by wearing an undershirt. Make sure the shirt fits snugly; baggy clothing not only looks unprofessional, but excess fabric could get in your way and cause a spill or accident. If your scrubs are light blue, try a hot pink undershirt for contrast! Or try an orange undershirt beneath Halloween-themed scrubs.

Blue Sky Co. is dedicated to providing the most fashionable, high-quality, comfortable scrubs and uniforms. We want you to look professional in the workplace, but we also want you to show off your individuality. That’s why we offer so many different styles and designs- so that you’ll love what you’re doing, and what you’re wearing!