Comfort Like You've Never Felt: Cambridge Scrubs for Men

If you’ve ever bought a pair of Blue Sky scrubs before and put them on for work, you already know exactly how comfortable they are and how great you feel working in them. What if we told you that even after trying on the super comfortable Blue Sky Scrubs you have now, that we still have a scrub set that could surprise you. Introducing the Cambridge Scrubs for Men!

Cambridge Top

Get ready to elevate your scrubs wardrobe with this absolutely exquisite Ceil Blue scrub top designed to meet all your needs as a medical scrubs professional. Created with our lightweight poly-cotton scrubs fabric, and tailored to perfection to keep you looking your best. Wear it out or tuck it in, either way we know you’ll look great! It has one sizable chest pocket, and it's wrinkle and fade resistant, so it’ll stay in great condition even after you’ve put it through the washer and dryer several times! For the perfect outfit, make sure to match it with the Cambridge Scrub Pants!

Cambridge Pants

Get ready for the scrub pants of a lifetime! Hand sewn and with a ridiculously comfortable scrubs elastic waistband, and super soft breathable lightweight fabric. But beyond that, these pants are also super functional! They’ve got two front trouser pockets and two large back pockets with velcro closure to help you carry everything you need. And guess what else? Just like the Cambridge Scrub Top mentioned above, these amazing pants are also wrinkle and fade resistant! No matter how many times you wash and dry them, they’ll keep on looking great day by day.

So now that you know just how great this scrub outfit is, what are you waiting for? To get your very own set of Cambridge Scrubs today, come visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.