Colored Scrubs and How They Affect Your Patients

We may not think about it, but oftentimes, the outfits we wear and the colors we show off can have an impact on those around us. For those of you working in the medical industry, this includes your patients- but also your coworkers, as well! Here at Blue Sky Co., we have Shelby scrubs available in various complementary shades. We’re going to show you how their colors can affect your patients and others around you!

Soothe and Comfort Your Patients

Sometimes your patients aren’t in the best of moods. They could be worried, or anxious, or anticipating an uncomfortable procedure. They may need comforting. For soothing and comforting your patients, we at Blue Sky Co. have to recommend shades like French Lilac, or even a cool Caribbean. Both colors offer a soothing effect.

Express Confidence and Authority

Have you ever been told to “fake it ‘til you make it’? Have you ever been told that “confidence is key?” Well, it is, friends. And you can express such confidence (and perhaps, authority, which can be comforting to a fearful loved one) with shades like Jet Black, or Navy Blue. Even Slate Grey would do the trick!

Have Some Fun!

Finally, get ready to show off your sunshine. Get ready to be the sunshine for your patients! Bright, vibrant shades like Marisol Gold and Seraphina Strawberry really take it up a notch! Put a smile on your patients’ faces by sporting one of these lovely shades.

No matter what color scrubs you’re wearing, we know you’re great at your job! And we’re here to help better equip you for your job by offering quality medical scrubs and accessories. If you’re looking for something new, try out Blue Sky Co.!