Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe: How to Keep Retired Scrubs

Have you recently cleaned out your wardrobe and found sets of scrubs that really don’t suit you at work anymore? Maybe they’re torn, faded, or frayed. Maybe they’ve just seen too many washes by now. No matter the reason you choose to retire your scrubs, you should know that you can use them for many things outside of work! Here are five great ideas:

Washing the Car

Okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly the time of year to be outside hand washing your car. But maybe you’re reading this and it is. Either way, scrubs make perfect car-washing-companions! You won’t have to worry about tire grease getting on your clothes, or dirty soap!

Cleaning House

Toss a scrub top over your shirt and throw on those old scrub pants! It’s cleaning day, and you’re perfectly outfitted. Bleach won’t be an issue. Cleaning products, if they stain, it doesn’t really matter, does it? You were just about to throw those scrubs out!

Bathing the Pets

When your pets get messy, get messy with them! But then in all seriousness, get them clean. But wear your retired scrubs while you do it! Avoid all of those mud stains.

Painting or Crafting

If you’re painting the house, well, first off- good luck to you! And if you’re crafting, we’re glad you’re doing something relaxing. These are both activities that could and should be done wearing retired scrubs, just to avoid the potential mess!


Yes, just relaxing at home. Retired scrubs are great for that. They were already as comfortable as ever when you purchased them, but now they’re worn in in all the perfect places. They’re extra comfy!

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