Classy Scrubs for Classy Women

Are you ready for a refreshing take on scrubwear? So are we! Let’s take a look at Blue Sky’s classy collection for women, our Classic scrubs. Here are a few advantages to this style of scrubwear:

Exquisitely Soft Fabrics

Simply put, these scrubs are made with the finest fabrics we’ve found yet! They’re made of 65% polyester, and 35% cotton. They’re super soft! You’ll want to wear them to work, during work, and maybe even after work!

Plenty of Pocket Space

Our Classic scrubs have plenty of pocket space to hold your personal items! On the tops, there’s one chest pocket, and one secret pocket (these pockets are perfect for wedding rings or other very valuable items). On the bottoms, you’ll find two pockets as well. Make it a set and you have yourself four pockets!

Moveable Design

These scrubs have side slits at the hips for easy movement. So turning corners quickly or bending down won’t be as constricting as other brands may make these experiences. These scrubs are also amazingly breathable! No more stifling scrubwear; we’re taking a step up!

Available in Dozens of Colors

Blue Sky’s classic scrubs are available in so many different colors and shades, you’ll have a difficult time choosing which one you like best! From Marisol Gold, a bright, vibrant yellow, to the unique Seraphina Strawberry, you’re bound to find the perfect color for you!


Finally, Classic scrubs are customizable. Need a longer top? That’s not a problem at all! You can customize aspects such as style, pocket placement, stitching, and even more! Customize your order until it suits you perfectly.

Blue Sky Co. goes above and beyond to create medical attire that you’ll actually enjoy wearing! Log online today to our website and view our stunning collection of scrubs, and scrub accessories such as caps, lanyards, lab coats, and more!