Choosing Your Favorite Scrub Cap

Check out Blue Sky Co.’s amazing selection of scrub caps! They fit just right, are available in countless patterns and colors, and they’re made specially for you! Below, we’ll describe each of our scrub caps so that you can familiarize yourself with our entire collection (and maybe we’ll brag a little, too!).

The Poppy

The Poppy scrub cap was created to suit any type of hairstyle. It’s convenient, works well, and is versatile! All of our scrub caps are available in dozens of patterns and solids; we can almost guarantee that you’ll have a difficult time choosing just one!

The Pixie

The pixie scrub cap was inspired by those of you who have shorter hair, or pixie cuts! It has a flap in the back which securely holds your hair back and out of your face.

The Pony

Blue Sky Co.’s Pony scrub caps is great for securing your long hair during your shift. As it’s name suggests, it holds your ponytail in place, letting no hair escape!

Disposable Scrub Caps

Disposable caps could be the convenient change you’ve been trying to transition to. You don’t have to worry about washing them, or even keeping up with them! Disposable caps from Blue Sky Co. are modern, and so much like their parents that you may not want to take them off!

Luxurious Scrubwear from Blue Sky Co.

Indulge in our scrubwear because it’s everything you need and want. Our scrubs are made to be wrinkle and fade-resistant, are the softest you’ll find, and are also durable. They’re made to last, and made for you! Don’t believe us? Visit our customization page and you’ll understand what true customer service is: we give you the opportunity to make your scrubs exactly how you need them! From scrubs to scrub hats, we’re here for you.