Choosing the Best Prints for Your Personality

At Blue Sky Co., it’s easy to express your personal style- even in your work uniform! To prove it to you, we’d like to show off these five prints for your scrub caps! Each print can be mixed and matched with your scrubs, and there are so many to choose from that you could actually wear a different cap each day of the week!

As Sweet as it Gets

This pink and floral scrub cap pattern truly is As Sweet as it Gets! You’ll find colors like persian pink, carnation pink, white, and tiffany blue that can all be matched with your scrubs!

Aquamarine Everything

If you’re looking for a bright, vibrant solid, this Aquamarine cap is great for you! Match it with a set of Aquamarine scrubs and you’ll have a full outfit. We have a solid cap for each set of scrubs, so coordinating your outfits is super easy!

Desirable Hues of Blue

This beautiful patterned cap will match any set of scrubs in the shade of blue, or can be contrasted with a light pink, or white. Desirable will have you loving your work uniform!

Evening Hibiscus

Feeling like showing off a bit of summer? This Evening Hibiscus pattern will do just that!

Gorgeous Reds in Rosette

With a cranberry background, this pattern features psychedelic, bubbly designs in different shades and hues. Contrast those hues with your favorite scrubs and you’ll be looking great!

If you haven’t yet heard of our scrub caps, you’re missing out! Our Poppy scrub cap fits perfectly as a bouffant cap, and suits any hairstyle. Pony and Pixie caps are perfect for what their names suggest: pony tails/long hair, and pixie hair cuts. You’ll feel comfortable and at ease sporting these caps, and you’ll feel gorgeous in these five patterns!