Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Medical Scrubs

At Blue Sky Co., our aim is to help you feel your most comfortable while at work, as we know it isn’t always easy! How can we help, you may ask? Our medical scrubs are made from the softest fabrics from around the world, and we love to brag about it. So let’s jump right into a collection of gorgeous, well-made medical scrubs that are as comfortable and flexible as your pajamas at home!

Medical Uniforms from Blue Sky Co.

Our classic Shelby scrubs are a superior statement piece, with their fine fabrics, relaxed fit, and white designer stitching. They have side slits at the hips to help you move around easily, and are available in a wide variety of both solid colors, and beautiful patterns. You won’t regret wearing a set of these scrubs, as they’re luxuriously soft and cozy!

Our relaxed-fitting David scrubs are similar, just tailored toward the men in the crowd! The fabric we use for all of our scrubwear is made of 65% polyester, and 35% cotton. It’s the softest blend we’ve found thus far! David scrubs are crisp and professional, available in several colors such as Navy Blue, Jet Black, Ceil Blue, and more. Pair these fine scrubs with a luxurious lab coat and you’ll be all the talk in those hospital hallways!

Customizeable Medical Uniforms

As if our scrubs weren’t already the best out there, you can even customize them to suit your personal needs. From inseam length on pants, to pocket placement and stitching on tops, we allow you to tweak your order until you’re completely satisfied- because that’s all that matters to us! Just visit our customization page!

From medical scrubs, to lab coats, to undershirts and jackets, we always uses the best fabric for our medical attire. You can count on that! So if you’re looking for a set of scrubs that’s so soft you’ll want to wear them everywhere, we strongly suggest coming to Blue Sky Co.!