Choosing A New Lab Coat From Blue Sky Scrubs

Getting new clothes is always exciting. Whether it’s a new spring wardrobe or that pair of shoes you’ve been dream of, new things with new tags are always a reason to celebrate. While you’re busy stocking up on new swimsuits and lots of flip-flops for the warm weather, don’t forget to take a peek at your medical wardrobe!

One item you might want to invest in is a new lab coat.

Find One You Love

Remember when you got your first white coat? Whether it was at a ceremony or you put it on in the privacy of your bedroom, donning your first lab coat was an exciting moment. Every time you put it on, you should feel those emotions again. Find a lab coat that’s attractive, comfortable, and makes you feel proud each and every day.

Get The Right Size

Think of your lab coat as your medical “suit.” It’s one of the most important and professional pieces of clothing you’ll wear during your career. When it comes to getting the perfect fit, be sure to take measurements of your arms, bust, and neck. You can also reference your suit jacket size to help guide you. Be sure to ask any questions and even try on other people’s lab coats to get an even better idea of the fit you’re looking for.

Take Care Of It

Once you find the perfect coat with the perfect fit, the next step is to keep it looking and feeling great. Blue Sky Scrubs has lab coats that are as easy to care for, as they are to wear. All you have to do is machine wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dry them on low. It’s really that easy!

So as you’re getting ready to get a new look, don’t forget to spruce up your medical wardrobe as well! You old lab coat will be thankful for the break!