Check Out Tall Scrubs by Blue Sky Co.

At Blue Sky Co., we fully understand the plight of not having medical scrubs that fit correctly. Not only is this the reason that we offer customizable scrubs, but it’s also the reasoning behind tall scrub pants! So if you’re a little on the taller side and you’re looking for pants that fit you adequately, check out tall scrub pants from Blue Sky Co.!

Tall Classic Shelby Scrub Pants

Have you fallen in love with our Shelby scrubs, but need a longer inseam length in your pants? Find it here, with our Tall Classic Shelby scrubs! You’ll find the same soft (yet durable) fabrics, the same white designer stitching around the pockets, and the same amount of pocket space! You’ll just have a comfortable, long, 33 inch inseam! We have a beautiful collection of or scrub hats available. 

Tall Classic Simple Scrub Pants

Same goes with our Simple scrub pants… if you like our Classic Simple scrubs, you’ll love these scrub pants, with the long inseam! They fit in a relaxed manner but they’re tailored in all the right places! They’re soft as ever; they’re made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. And of course, these scrub pants won’t shrink! You get all of the benefits of Simple scrubs, but with the length your height needs! Check out our scrub caps to finish your new scrub outfit. 

Customize Your Scrub Top

We’ve discussed pants already, but what about scrub tops? Well, if you need a longer scrub top to go with your tall scrub pants, we’ve got you covered! You can easily customize your scrub top to have a longer length (an extra two inches). Just say the word, and we’ll be sure to make it happen!

Blue Sky Co. is always going to great lengths (no pun intended!) to provide you with what you need out of scrub pants and tops alike. Log online today to view our stunning collection of medical attire; you won’t regret it if you do!