Check Out Blue Sky's Cargo Scrubs

Check out Blue Sky Co.’s Cargo scrubs! We’re so excited to share them with you, we can barely contain ourselves! If you’re looking for pocket space, you’ll definitely find it in these scrubs! And they’re made with soft fabrics, and a fit with you in mind. What more could we ask for out of scrubs? Here’s are a few more details that you might not know!

How Many Pockets?

In total, with both pieces paired together, the Cargo scrubs from Blue Sky Co. have thirteen pockets! That’s plenty of room to hold your personal things that you need with you day to day. From keys, to jewelry, to wallets and stethoscopes, there’s room for it all, trust us! You finally won’t have to leave so much in your locker that you know you’ll just have to go back for!

Colors for Days

We’re excited to tell you that our new Cargo scrubs are available in several different colors and shades! From professional shades such as navy, surgical green, and black, to expressive colors like wine and royal blue, you can have it all! You’ll be able to express yourself in these scrubs, that’s for sure.

Fabulous Fabrics

As always, we’ve gone above and beyond to bring you the most comfortable scrubs on the market. The fabrics for these scrubs are some of the finest around the world; you’ve never known scrubs to feel quite so soft! What’s our secret? Well, they’re made out of 94% polyester and 6% spandex; that explains their stretch!

If you’re interested in our new Cargo scrubs, or would like more information on the products we offer, head on over to our website to view our collection of medical wear! There’s plenty to see, and plenty to choose from. Take your time. Explore everything. Fall in love.