Check Out Blue Sky Co.'s Brand New Scarves

Finally, they’ve arrived: super stylish scarves by Blue Sky Co.! These scarves are not only stunningly beautiful, but also perfect for chilly mornings before work, or nights out on the town! You can transition seamlessly! You can even wear them around the house on a cold day. They look great, feel great, and are made with great quality! Let’s delve into these scarves by Blue Sky Co.:

The Camilla

The Camilla scarf is super soft! It’s definitely a must-have accessory! It’ll spruce up your wardrobe with its style, and your coworkers are bound to love it. All of our scarves have a soft, cashmere feel to them, and are made of 100% soft polyester. You’ll be amazed at how they feel around your neck!

The Logan

Next, let’s move onto the Logan scarf; it’s of course another one of our favorite accessories. It’s made with the same, luxuriously soft materials. And it looks fantastic paired with a set of jet black Shelby scrubs, or a black Blue Sky jacket! You could also pair it with a jet black scrub cap; make it a whole matching outfit!

The Skylar

Finally, the Skylar scarf is last but certainly not least. We just love this scarf so much! It’s a cheerful pattern of bright stripes with orange, turquoise, pink, and charcoal grey. It’s trendy and stylish, and we’re certain that you’ll fall in love with it. Pair it with a set of tangerine scrubs and you’ll be stylin’ for sure! You could also try our Granite scrub jacket!

Blue Sky Co. is always coming up with new ideas to accessorize your medical scrubs! From scrub caps, to lanyards with matching earrings, to brand new scarves, we’ve got you covered! So log online today to view our new collection of accessories, and hopefully you’ll fall in love!