Changes with Scrubs in the Medical Profession

Changes with Scrubs in the Medical Profession

When it comes to dealing with our everyday work lives whilst still maintaining a level of professionalism, it can be extremely important that our work clothes remain both comfortable and stylish. Over the years, clothing manufacturers have been constantly evolving the ways in which they create clothes in order to suit our ever changing needs. Hospital scrubs in particular have seen significant changes over the years, giving medical professionals the clothes which not only serve their purpose, but allow them to look and feel comfortable throughout their working day.

One of the most significant changes within the healthcare service is the increasing role that women have within the profession, and it is a change that hasn’t gone unnoticed. The increase in women providing clinical care has caused clothing companies and uniform suppliers to take note and amend their uniforms. Previously, medical scrubs were manufactured in basic unisex styles and sizes in order to be worn by both men and women. However, due to the obvious differences between male and female bodies, these scrubs would often fit male workers better than female workers. This ‘unisex’ arrangement was simpler for companies, who deemed it unnecessary for there to be a separate design for women. However, thanks to the change in proportion of female medical professionals, uniform trends have begun to change completely, allowing for men and women to have their own tailor made scrubs which are designed to fit their bodies perfectly.

When it comes to working within a fast paced field such as the medical profession, it is essential that clothes have durability. However, traditional style scrubs were found to be insufficient in providing the durability which was required from those working within the medical field on a day to day basis. The use of poor fabrics made the uniforms uncomfortable to wear, and after a few washes, the color would often begin to fade leaving the material looking unkempt and tatty. Along with this, traditional materials provided workers with very little ventilation, leaving them feeling hot and sticky throughout their shift-something which unfortunately was apparent to the patients who would see them throughout their hospital stays. Now, high-tech fibers and treatments have made medical scrubs perfectly suited for day to day use. These types of high end scrubs and lab coats are virtually stain resistant and using new technology also provides all wearers with the needed ventilation they need to feel fresh and comfortable all day.

As these changes have evolved, color and patterns have also come been introduced, providing hospital staff more opportunity for originality and organization. The wider range of colors now available allows hospitals to color-coordinate separate departments, giving hospitals a professional and organized air as soon as you enter the door. Along with this change in scrubs, specialized departments now have the option to choose a variety of different patterned materials in order to suit the nature of their job role; for example, children’s doctors in particular now have the chance to choose an appropriate uniform in order to reassure frightened children. Scrubs with cartoon characters, or even a simple bright and relaxing set of scrubs can work wonders for a child’s mindset, making life a little easier for both patients and professionals.

With such a refreshing new take on medical scrubs, it’s not surprising that more and more people turn to the medical career path each year. The work is fulfilling, and the scrubs are comfortable and effective, allowing medical professionals to do their jobs effectively and look competent and sanitary whilst doing so.