Celebrate the Season With Scrubs

How do you celebrate this season? Do you prefer taking part in long-standing traditions, or making things up as you go each year? Do you decorate? There are so many different ways to celebrate the holidays! So yes, of course that means that we can also celebrate by wearing our favorite scrubs!

For the Work Wardrobe: Festive Prints

If you’re growing a bit bored of your current work wardrobe, you might be able to kill two birds with one stone here! Blue Sky offers a wide variety of prints and patterns to reflect the spirit of the holidays. Whether you’re sporting a colorful, cheerful patterned scrub hat, or a pair of seasonal scrubs, you’re bound to bring a smile (or many) to your patients’ faces!

For Cold Weather: Jackets & Vests

As the temperature drops this time of year, it’s time to bundle up in a durable, fashionable jacket from Blue Sky! Our softshell jackets are made to protect you from the wind, rain, and cold- how trendy you’ll look while wearing one is merely a bonus!

If a jacket is too warm or you’d like something that will stay more out of your way during your shift, try a vest, or a long-sleeved undershirt. Both of these options are suitable for wearing indoors, and they should coincide with your dress code.

For the Holidays: Blue Sky Scrubs

If you have a friend or loved one who is attending nursing school, or working in the medical profession, or needs a quality pair of scrubs for any reasons, Blue Sky Co. is the perfect place to search for a gift! We strive to deliver medical scrubs that become your favorite part of your work uniform. For flawlessly-fitting styles for men and women, and the option to customize medical scrubs, visit our website today.