Caring for Your Medical Scrubs Uniform

Taking proper care of your scrubs and medical uniform will not only enhance your professional appearance, but will also prolong the lifespan of your wardrobe, and is absolutely essential for working in a medical setting. For your safety and wellbeing, scrubs need to be disinfected before the start of each shift.

Knowing this, it’s wise to keep handy a few laundering guidelines and stain removal tips for on-the-job incidents. We’re going to step you through the process of caring for your scrubs, because Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we aim to help you look professional, and work at ease.

How to Care for Your Scrubs

Prior to wearing your scrubs for the first time, pre-treat them in the washing machine with cold water and half a cup of vinegar. This will protect the fabrics from running dyes, and completely environmentally friendly.

Wash your scrubs before the beginning of each shift. To give the scrubs more space to move around and plenty of water to work with, always set the load size to large. Keep your scrubs together; avoid mixing them with other clothes especially if they’re patterned or darker in color.

If you notice any stains after the washing cycle, spot-treat the fabric and send the scrubs through an additional cycle. You can add about three fourths of a cup of bleach to cold water.

If it’s possible, line or air dry your medical uniform. This is to prevent the fabric from shrinking, and also to protect the material from wear and tear.

To ensure that your scrubs remain neat, smooth and professional, use a hot iron to press your uniform. This is something you can do in the mornings while you wait for breakfast to finish, or for your mind to wake up!

Blue Sky Scrubs are built to last, but they do require a bit of TLC. With these tips, your scrubs will be looking fantastic and lasting longer than you ever expected!