Caring For Your Medical Scrubs to Increase Their Longevity

Do you have a wardrobe full of scrubs that you just love? Did they come from Blue Sky Co.? We bet so! Today we want to help you help your scrubs last as long as possible by following a few simple rules or guidelines. We’re certain these tips will be helpful and that your scrubs will stay looking vibrant, feeling soft and comfy, and making you look your best!

Give Your Scrubs the Ultimate Treatment

When your first purchase a set of scrubs, give them the ultimate care and treatment by pre-washing them! This will help colors set in vibrantly, and properly sanitize them, of course. It also helps to learn how to spot treat stains for when you’re on the go.

Freshen Your Scrubs with a Hot Iron

It’s not a dated practice, people! Using a hot iron helps your scrubs’ colors stay, well, colorful, and helps the fabric to stay crisp and fresh! You’ll easily maintain a professional appearance at work if you iron your scrubs on the regular.

Follow Washing Instructions Carefully

Make sure to follow washing instructions with care. Some scrubs can only be washed in warm or cold water, or can’t be used with bleach. Blue Sky scrubs need to be washed in cold water, and tumble-dried on the low setting! It’s also best to wash your scrubs separately from your street clothes- for sanitization purposes, of course.

Now that you have all the tools you need to keep your scrubs in great condition, let’s brag a bit about our line of scrubwear! If you haven’t explored our products before, you definitely need to- you’ll love what you’ll find. Luxurious scrubwear, made from the softest fabrics, made to last! Wear them to work, wear them while you’re lounging at home, wear them out!