Cargo Scrubs: For When You Need More Pocket Space

We’ve all been there, with our hands full, our pockets heavy, trying to carry with us far too many things! But we may need those things, nonetheless. What you really need is pocket space! You need enough pocket space to carry with you all of your essentials, and we’ve found such space in Blue Sky Co.’s Cargo scrubs. Let’s take a look.

Piper Cargo Top

Are you ready to be blown away? This scrub top has six total pockets to hold all of your things (and if that isn’t sufficient, pair the top with our Peyton Cargo pants!) while you work the day away! No more running back to your locker over and over to retrieve something; you can carry it with you! And may we mention: these scrubs are available in many color options, as well!

Peyton Cargo Pants

With seven pockets total, we’d love to introduce you to Blue Sky’s Peyton Cargo scrub pants! Made from our wonderful medleisure fabric, these pants will have you ready for work and for a jog in no time! And yes, you can carry practically everything with you, especially if you wear these scrubs as a set.

Mix and Match

Make these scrubs your own by doing a little bit of mixing and matching. No one ever said you had to wear these two as a set! Maybe that’s too many pockets for you. If so, cinch those pants up to turn them into joggers, and throw on a colorful Shelby scrub top! Hey, you’ve got plenty of options here!

What are you looking for out of your medical scrub uniform? Do you need a new labocat, scrub cap, or jacket? We have all three of those things and so much more here at Blue Sky Co.. Just log onto our website today to view our entire collection; you’ll love exploring the many options you have at Blue Sky Co.!