Can You Express Yourself with Blue Sky Scrubs Color Coded Scrubwear?

Some hospitals implement color-coded scrubs to help things run a little smoother. The idea is that departments are separated by color, so that both patients and staff members can easily differentiate one department from the next! This lessens patient confusion and helps to boost morale. So, in a work-world of color coded scrubs, how do you express your personal style? Well, a great start would be to check out these summery scrubs and accessories from Blue Sky Co.!

Keep Your Hair Tied Back in Our Beautiful Scrub Caps

You can sport a set of our Classic Shelby scrubs in virtually any color imaginable, from Ceil Blue to Chloe Jade, and so many more in between! This makes it all the easier to match one of our perfect scrub caps with your medical attire. Our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub hats are all designed for a specific hairstyle, which helps keep you comfortable throughout your shift. Choose the right hat for you, match it with your color-coded scrubs, and you’ll feel great!

Find the Perfect Softshell Jacket

If you work in a hospital or laboratory setting, you know that it can get cold in those hallways! Even though it’s summertime, you can still shop for the perfect softshell vest or jacket that will keep you warm and cozy. They’re made from the world’s best fabrics, are incredibly soft, and are created water and wind-resistant!

Match Your Scrubs with a Stunning New Lanyard and Earrings

Finally, choose a decorative lanyard to hold your keys and nametag. It’ll help break the monotony of wearing the same colored scrubs day in and day out- and it’s functional! At Blue Sky Co., our lanyards each belong to a set of matching earrings, so you can take your style up one more notch!

When it comes to style, color-coded scrubs definitely aren’t the end of the world! These are just a few ways in which you can express your personal style under a more strict dress code; there are many more!