Okay friends, it’s that time of year again! If you don’t already have a spooky or fall-inspired scrub cap, let’s go through our collection and pick out your new favorite! Aren’t you ready to show off a little autumn and Halloween spirit? Here at Blue Sky Co., we know we are! So let’s dive right into these five patterns we know you’ll love! Check out our radical collection of totally awesome scrub caps.

Pluma Colorata

We love this pattern because it doesn’t quite represent the fall season, but its colors do! So if you’re on the fence about how expressive you want to be, this pattern is perfect for you. It features feathers in colors like orange, purple, deep aqua, and fuschia!

Haunted Manor

Feeling like getting your spooky on? Do it with this scrub cap pattern! In this pattern, spooky scenes in orange and black appear against a jet black background. Your patients and coworkers will love seeing you in this cap, we know it!

Fright Fest

This pattern, similar to Haunted Manor, features a bright orange backdrop and eerie Halloween images. It’s perfect for the season, so grab it soon!

Bohemian Daydreamer

Who doesn’t love arrowheads and feathers, especially when put together? We love this fall-themed slate grey background and its decorative arrows in pretty, pastel hues and shades. Snatch it up soon. Who knows? It could be a favorite.

Auburn Florets

Auburn Florets is our last pattern for the Fall, and for Halloween. For now at least! These beautiful florets are placed against a light, soft pink background, with shades of bronze, rose, and white, defined in an auburn tint. It’s perfect for fall, and it’s floral!

And just like that, we’ve outfitted you in the most perfect prints and patterns for fall! We hope you’ve found a favorite among these, but of course, there’s always more where those came from! Log online today to view our entire collection