Bulk Orders Made Easy With Blue Sky Co.

Here at Blue Sky Co., we strive to make everything as easy as possible for customers. We want you to have an easy time fitting comfortably into our amazing scrubwear and accessories, an easy time navigating our website, and of course an easy time putting in your online orders. A lot of times, ordering items in bulk can be a complicated process and is often prone to mistakes like not having your items arrive on time or as you ordered them. Here at Blue Sky, we have a group ordering process that will allow you to easily order and receive scrubs for your whole medical team, or a smaller group of co-workers, with no problems at all!

Our Simple Process

To kick off our simple, stress-free group ordering process, you’ll be connected to one of our corporate account specialists! That’s right, you’ll be assigned your very own specialist to help you put in your group order and ensure that everything is ordered exactly the way you need it. This process takes the burden of inputting the details of the order off of you and ensures that your order will arrive perfectly with the right quantity and in the right location. Our corporate account specialists will do everything they can to make your order perfect, and your co-workers will thank you for it when they put on their new, amazing scrubs!

Blue Sky Co.

Sure, you can order and even group order scrubs from other websites, so what sets Blue Sky apart? Well, there’s no other scrubs out there quite like ours! We make our scrubwear from only the finest fabrics available, and many of our scrubs have special properties like Scrubs Protection Technology that repels and releases stains.

To see what else makes our scrubwear so unique, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.